Hello! I am Calvin. Nice to meet you!
I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Toronto, Canada.
I like to play with everything that I can get my hands on. My passion is using human centered design thinking to approach complex situations.

Some of the things I do:

  • Brainstorming, storytelling, creative ideation.

  • Experience Design, design research and analysis.
  • Environmental Design, drafting, architectural modelling (physical or software), interior, architectural, landscape design.
  • Graphic Design, vector illustration, logo design, branding, poster design, document design.
  • Building things with my hands: crafts and installations.

I also have a science background (in Biochemistry and Neuroscience); and I have been incorporating scientific thinking and my knowledge of the organic systems in my works.

I am open to a wide range of ideas! If you like to work together or just get to know me you can reach me at calvin@hfckstudio.com or use the form in the contact page.

self portrait